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Twinkle, twinkle

Twinkle lightsDo something new with your festive decor this time around … think outside the box!  Yes, a Christmas tree decorated with your favorite ornaments and sitting in the corner of your family room is lovely, but let’s try something different this year … make more of a statement.  Hang ornaments from your chandelier, fill large vases with branches, greenery and ribbons … put your outdoor greenery in galvanized buckets with birch branches.  Frame Christmas themed photos or cards in small matching frames and hang or lean them on a ledge, in a grouping.  Decorate tables tops with candy … fill clear jars and vases with dollar-store Christmas candy and candy canes, lots of them.  Speaking of ‘lots’, just when you think you have enough mini-lights, double it!  More is always better in the light department.  Try bunching up strings of lights and stuffing them in jars, vases, hurricanes, lanterns … and then add more!

Don’t spread things too thin … choose a corner, or an area in the room and pile it on.  Grouping and layering things will have way more effect than scattering decorations here and there around the entire space.

Tuck winterberry branches into small potted evergreens, on either side of your front door.  Instead of dusting off the same old wreath every year, purchase a a real evergreen swag from your big-box store and add pine cones, winterberry, boxwood sprigs.

Buy one of those great big cylinders of shiny ball ornaments and string them together using fishing line bunching them up as you go, then lay the finished product across your mantel or console table.

Think different, think bold, think big this Christmas!


Home Decorating Tips Online


Home decorating really is for everyone, because we all want to have an attractive and practical home for ourselves and our families. There are as many interior decorating styles as there are people who want to decorate … so your first question is usually “Where do I start?” With some guidance from our online decorating service, discover how you can be creative and confident enough to make some much needed changes to your surroundings.

Try not to be discouraged when you look at magazine layouts of beautiful rooms and think they are unattainable. With some interior decorating advice about such things as color, room proportions, planning and accessorizing, you’ll find yourself with lots of ideas for your do-it-yourself home decorating project.

Make sure you put your family first … looks are important, but the function of the room should be your first concern. What good is a beautiful room, if you can’t use and enjoy it for the purpose for which it was intended? The whole objective is to make a comfortable and practical home for you and your family. We’ll give you interior decorating advice and suggestions to accomplish this, and make it look good too!

Working with an online home decorator, you’ll see the importance of planning to avoid making costly and time consuming mistakes … sometimes resulting in giving up and wishing you’d never started. We’ll help to guide you in the right direction, and if there’s something you’re not sure of along the way, we’ll be here to answer follow-up questions before you go too far.

We’ll give you mistakes to avoid, ideas to try, photo illustrations of furniture to shop for, and advice on the mystery of paint colour selection. Ideas for wall art and accessories will be your finishing touches.

You can do it! We can help.

Get started today!