Passion For Decorating


Ahh … a blog. Sounds like it may be difficult for someone who’s not used to sharing their innermost thoughts. But I guess it doesn’t have to be my “innermost” thoughts. When I googled “how to write a blog”, the common piece of advice is to write about something you’re passionate about. Well that’s easy! Decorating is what I love … looking around the room and loving the way it looks, makes me extremely happy. Some people find that odd … I find it odd that some people don’t share my view.

I remember, way way way back, spending hours rearranging my bedroom, cleaning it, painting pictures on the walls. I’m sure my mom loved the cleaning it part, but not-so-much on the painting pictures on the wall part. I wonder now, how I managed to rearrange things so often, when my room was the size of a postage stamp … but somehow I did. I loved the look of it when I had everything just so, and stood back and admired my handiwork. My purple walls (what was I thinking?), my purple phone, my purple lightbulbed lamp, all (I thought) looked verrrrrry stylish against my white colonial furniture, with my white fur rug on the floor. Could it get any more chic?

In Grade 8, when we were assigned a speech to give on our favourite thing … of course I chose Interior Decorating. I wrote the speech (the easy part), gathered up my nerves, presented it … and moved on to the finals competition. I went no further in the competition, but I do remember that speaking on a topic that I loved, made it far less nerve wracking.

When I grew up, left home and moved across the country with my best friend … all we had for furnishings were a white, macrame hanging lamp that I had made, and a brown, macrame hanging glass-top table that she had made. What? …. it was the 70’s (very late 70’s) !!!!!!!!! I set out to work around our two prized possessions and create a cool apartment, fit for two girls setting out on their own for the first time. My love for Ikea was born! Great for low budget, basic furniture and accessories. I still have the original kitchen table and chairs in the lunchroom at my office.

My boyfriend says I have a gift … I call it a sickness. If anyone I know reads this, it’s a bit of a confession. Not long after I come to your home, sit down and get comfortable with a tea (or other beverage) in my hand, I start redecorating it in my head. I CAN’T HELP IT! I start picturing the walls with a different paint colour. My brain picks up your sofa and moves it over there, and puts a lamp beside it. I concentrate ever so intently on the picture on your wall, thinking I can move it down 6″ by staring at it. I replace all the hardware on your kitchen cupboards, and remove the frilly curtain on the window … only in my imagination. Hahaha … see, a sickness! But seriously, I’m always thinking about how to change things up to look better, but I only give my advice when asked … except to the closest of friends (you know who you are). But boy, do I love it when people ask! “What do you think I should do to this room?” … music to my ears.

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